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Review: Unraveled Love by Stacey Lynn

Unraveled Love by Stacey Lynn

I’m a protector. It’s not a power trip, but something deep inside me I’ve always felt the need to do. From school bullies and a small-town cop to now providing security for elite athletes and music stars on the East Coast, the most important job I’ve ever taken is protecting Addi.

She’s becoming everything to me, but there’s danger lurking around every corner that gets darker with every passing day.

Her life is at risk, on the chopping block, and if we can’t find the men who are trying to track her down and return her to her ex-fiancé, she’ll be lost to me forever.

I didn’t take the job expecting to find love. But it’s here, and it’s real.
Now I just need to unravel the evil that’s hunting her to finally find our way to happily ever after.

The conclusion of Addi and Shawn’s story is even better than expected. I really enjoyed Untamed Hearts, book one of the duet, but this one is phenomenal. The first book laid the groundwork for this story when Addi flees and they first meet as they try to figure out what’s happening but this one just runs with it. As this book opens, they’re already in love and they kind of know what’s going on now, but there are still a lot of blank spaces. It doesn’t take long to unravel the mystery surrounding Daniel’s family and Addi’s father, but there’s so much more to it than they ever suspected.

There are major players involved and Addi knew the stakes were life or death, but this is so much bigger than her and there is so much more at stake. This story is action packed and I couldn’t put it down because I needed to know the details. The suspense is amazing but everything about their relationship is controlled by their circumstances, putting them in a unique and difficult situation.

I really can’t say more about the plot without being a spoiler but this book was worth every minute. Shawn and Addi are hot, steamy and sweet together but they’re also tough and fighting for their lives so we get to see the total badass come out in both. This is one of those books I know I’ll read again, it’s just that good.

I received an ARC from Social Butterfly PR in exchange for an honest review.

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