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Burn, Re-Write, Re-Read

This is a play on F*ck, Marry, Kill where you choose 3 books at random and decide accordingly. This was a popular book tag a while back but I can’t remember where I saw it so I’m winging it here. I used the random sort option on Goodreads to see my shelf, then used the first 3 books in the results. I enjoyed all of these books, so this wasn’t easy but it was lots of fun, which is why I did 3 rounds.

Round 1

Burn: Wildcat – It’s just like a hundred other books. Absolutely nothing about the characters or their story stands out from countless other college sports romances.

Re-Write: Mine To Hold – I enjoyed this book very much. I liked the characters and their story but the FMC was way too concerned about what other people think, which annoyed me. The story would’ve been more fun if she wasn’t so insecure.

Re-Read: To Have & To Hate – This is a fresh take on the popular fake relationship, and it’s peppered with twists throughout. I loved the characters and everything about their story, especially the slow burn and the third person in their fake marriage. This one is a must-read.

Round 2

Burn: Home Game – It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t exactly good either. It’s an okay story but the characters are kind of boring.

Re-Write: No Matter What Happens – I liked this story but it had a lot more potential. It was a good book but I wanted more from them and it didn’t deliver so I’d give them a bit more depth and a little more action.

Re-Read: Dirty Curve – This story is absolute perfection. The characters are great and drew me in from the first page, there’s a bit of mystery and more than one huge plot twist. I loved everything about this book.

Round 3

Burn: All I Want For Christmas Is Them – I was excited to read this because the premise seemed fun, but it was painfully bad. The characters are just caricatures and there’s no plot, the whole story is just their feelings. That only works with complex, well-crafted characters, but these were not. The whole thing feels like a high school writing exercise painstakingly crafted to be as edgy as possible.

Re-Write: Not So Nice Guy – Overall I enjoyed this book but it gets the re-write because the FMC was exhausting at times, which detracts from the story for me. I liked her quite a lot at times but others, she was a drag so I’d make her less of a distraction.

Re-Read: Caged – Hudson and Maddie’s story is a perfect blend of steamy suspense, just slow burn enough to drive you crazy. The characters are great, the suspense was just right, and I love the way the story unfolds.

I really enjoyed this little exercise and look forward to doing it again soon. If anyone out there likes to play, please post a link in the comments, I’d love to read yours.

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