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Review: Wildcat by Rebecca Jenshak

I met my dream girl.
That’s right. She’s stunning and the worst bartender I’ve ever seen.
I should have gone home and gone to sleep—dream girl or not. I had an early morning and the season was starting soon. But when she threatened me with boy band karaoke I couldn’t help myself. I went. The stars aligned.
I have never felt more alive or wanted anyone more than I want her.
When it’s time for me to head on my annual pre-season boys trip, I barely let her go.
It’s been a week and I can’t stop thinking about her.
Except there she is. Right here at the Wildcat’s kickoff party.
And as luck would have it, my dream girl is the coach’s youngest daughter.
But everyone knows the coach’s daughter is off limits. Right?

This is a steamy fling-to-forever forbidden romance with an NHL player and the coach’s daughter. They both just thought the other was a regular college student when they hooked up but Leo can’t get dream girl out of his mind. He’s desperate to find her again and thinks his prayers have been answered when they meet again, until he realizes she’s his coach’s daughter and she doesn’t date hockey players.

Leo is sexy and sweet and adores Scarlett, who’s a lovable mess, so they’re both very likable. She’s floundering in life, not sure what to do with herself right now but she knows college isn’t the answer. Her ex left her with a lot of baggage so a relationship is the last thing she wants while trying to figure her life out, but Leo is irresistible.

It’s a cute story with likeable characters but they weren’t unique enough to make it a great story. Scarlett reminded me of a couple of other h’s and parts of the story brought other books to mind. When the characters are truly memorable, any similarities like that are quickly forgotten or don’t even register because the reader is so engrossed, but that’s not the case here. That cost the book half a star from me, but it’s a sweet story with hot hockey players and a fun supporting cast.

I received an ARC from Valentine PR in exchange for an honest review.

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