Review: Waiting for You by Lea Coll

How can Ava resist her best friend’s brother when she’s crushed on him since childhood?

I didn’t think Alex could get any hotter, but his time at med school was good to him.
Dirty blond hair. A bit of scruff across his chiseled jawline. And a body beneath those scrubs that makes me think all sorts of naughty things.

Alex seems to be utter perfection… and he barely notices I exist.

Or so I thought. Lately, everywhere I look he’s there. Renting a room in my bed and breakfast. Devouring my pastries. Wanting to talk every morning over coffee. Is it possible my lifelong crush finally sees me as more than his little sister’s best friend?

Ava and Alex’s story is just what I needed after a string of dark mafia reads so I relished every word. She’d had a crush on her bestie’s older brother for as long as she can remember, but nothing could ever come of it. He’s Savannah’s brother and he’s in NYC for medical school anyway. Until he’s not.

When Alex comes home for an extended visit, he stays at Ava’s B&B and they quickly begin spending lots of time together. The attraction is mutual and strong, so although they both know this isn’t a good idea, they give in soon enough. Except it’s more than just attraction and there has to be a way to make Savannah understand. But even if they’re willing to take that leap, his life is in NYC and she just started a business here at home. Their careers are aren’t the only obstacles because Ava has some pretty severe abandonment issues and while Alex has a loving family, his parents have always looked down on his passion for music, leaving him feeling rejected.

This is my first book in the series, but it read fine as a standalone and I didn’t feel like I was missing any necessary information, however starting here would surely spoil some of the earlier books. Their story is sweet and romantic, funny and steamy and a perfect holiday read.

I received an ARC from Grey’s Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

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