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Review: Kissing My Coworker by J Sterling

I’ve had a crush on my co-worker Declan since the day I started working at Rockline Studios. Trust me, if you could see this man, you’d have a crush on him too.

It’s been two years since my first day of work… two years since my head has been filled with fantasies and daydreams about the things I could do to him. Two years of…. SITTING BY AND DOING NOTHING because dating within the office is forbidden, frowned upon, something we’re not supposed to do.

The night of Rockline’s infamous New Year’s Eve party changes everything.

Will my new years wish finally come true?

This is a short but adorable story of Lily and Declan who have liked one another from afar for two whole years now. They fear their love is forbidden because he’s management and they work in the same department, but the whole company has watched them pining, clueless that the interest is mutual. The way they dance around it is adorably frustrating, but there have been some seriously scary endings to workplace romances at Rockline Studios so their hesitation is understandable. Will they finally take the leap or do they have to resign themselves to love being off-limits?

I loved these characters and their story. Wish it was longer because I always want more but the ending is perfect. I received an ARC from Grey’s Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

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