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Review: Dirty Curve by Meagan Brandy

You know how in college there’s that one guy everyone wants to be?

That’s me.

I’m the top dog.
The number one.
The big man on campus.

Some say those things are solid wins.
My new tutor would disagree.

My title means nothing to her.
My status lost on her.

And now my mind? That sucker is stuck on her.

She was told to make our sessions priority over all, to drop everything when I need her, and come to me. She does.

But I don’t want to steal her time anymore.
I want to earn it.

If anyone can do that, it’s me.

I’m Tobias Cruz, the king of the curveball. I don’t lose.
Not the game, and surely not the girl.

Little did I know, this girl has herself a secret … and it’s the dirtiest curve yet.

This story is such a rollercoaster ride and I loved every freaking minute. There’s angst but also humor and there’s a perfect balance of sexy and sweet in this slow burn. Meyer is so likable and real, I wasn’t sure I wanted them to get together. Tobias was such an arrogant bastard at first, he seemed irredeemable but once we get to know him and see beyond the defense mechanisms, he’s so much more.

I expected him to have a tantrum or at least a breakdown of sorts when the first secret came out but Tobias didn’t just roll with it, he completely embraced it and totally won me over. His reaction was so much better than I’d hoped because these characters have real depth. There’s also a super delicious plot twist that made me so happy. I absolutely love a story that can keep me guessing or surprise me and this did both. It’s actually more like plot twists plural, there are two biggies, but one of them has such dire consequences that it’s almost like being thrown through a third loop entirely. I loved everything about this book and will probably read it again.

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