Burn, Re-Write, Re-Read

This is a bookish play on F*ck, Marry, Kill where you choose 3 books at random and decide accordingly. This was a popular book tag a while back but I can’t remember where I saw it so I’m winging it here. I used the random sort option on Goodreads to see my shelf, then used the first 3 books in the results. I enjoyed all of these books, so this wasn’t easy but it was lots of fun, which is why I did 3 rounds.

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Round 1

Burn: Deadly Illusion – I love the idea of this plot but the execution falls a bit flat for me. I found myself skimming and skipping ahead because I think this story could have been told in fewer pages. It’s an interesting plot and flows well when there’s action but this book just seemed to drag. I liked the characters but not enough to really care about them. They just don’t have enough depth for me to really become invested. And for me, if the characters aren’t worth salvaging, nothing about it can be saved.

Re-Write: Save Me – I liked this book very much and hate to criticize anything, but difficult decisions need to be made here. The characters are likable, the setting is smoking hot, and I love a good friends-to-lovers, but the story is a bit cliche in places, so I’d tweak some small things. No huge changes, I do like this story, but I’d make some minor enhancements.

Re-Read: You Kissed Me First – This is a fun enemies-to-lovers fake relationship with a jerk ex and the forced proximity of a cruise ship. The MCs are funny and real and just very likable, which is the best foundation for any store. Their story is equal parts hilarious and tense, plus gives us a sweet HEA. I loved this one.

Round 2

Burn: Beautiful Submission – I feel guilty putting books I like into the Burn category, but it’s part of the game, my hands are tied. That said, the age gap seemed like too much considering the h’s maturity level. She’s way too submissive while he’s super controlling, so nope. And the guy on the book looks to be in his 60’s when the character is actually in his 40’s, which annoys the heck out of me.

Re-Write: Always Mine – This is one of my favorite friends-to-lovers stories and I really adore this book. There’s very little that I’d change but I think the characters could have a bit more fun and a little less angst, so I’d loosen things up a bit. Overall, I adore these two and love their story so these would be very subtle changes, I swear.

Re-Read: Little Lies – I loved everything about this book, not just because it’s a great story with awesome characters, but because it turned me on to the entire Pucked series, which is an absolute favorite. I had no idea what I was getting into when picking this book by an author unknown to me, but I could not put it down. It was so good and the family tree inside piqued my interest, leading me to Violet and Alex Waters, romance royalty, IMO.

Round 3

Burn: Bloody Cruel Psycho – I wasn’t a huge fan of this story but feel like maybe that’s my fault for not reading the prior books in the series first. Maybe if I’d been more invested in the characters, I would have enjoyed their story more, but maybe not. I liked the MCs but other characters constantly interfering in their relationship ruined this for me. It was annoying and made for all kinds of unnecessary drama, which is just exhausting. No thank you.

Re-Write: There Are No Saints – I actually love this book and the conclusion, There Is No Devil. The characters and plot are unique, there’s a lot of action and the suspense is sublime so this is just a book you’ll love reading. I liked the MCs but wanted to see more evidence of their connection. I’d make some small changes to humanize Cole a bit more and show how/why they connects so well, but no major changes.

Re-Read: Ryan’s Bed – This story broke my heart, put it back together again, then left me stunned at the end. Never have I ever been so shocked at the last line of any story. It forced me through a whole range of emotions: shock, anger, denial. I didn’t want to believe that was the ending because I didn’t want it to be the ending. But after much reflection I was forced to admit it’s the perfect ending and I wouldn’t change a thing.

This is so much fun but I know the random function on my GR shelf is going to make life difficult eventually so I look forward to the next rounds. If anyone out there likes to play, please post a link in the comments, I’d love to read yours.

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