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ARC Review: You Kissed Me First by Cala Riley

A fourteen day Caribbean Cruise with my sister and her entire wedding party.
Sounds like Heaven, right?
Except Barrett, her fiancés brother, also happens to be the jerk who cheated on me a month before the wedding, leaving me to scramble to find a new roommate.
As if the universe hates me, the only room available is with the groom’s best friend, Dominic, who is a womanizing, arrogant player.
Could things get any worse?

Spending two weeks on a ship with my best friend, celebrating his upcoming nuptials, should have been a vacation to die for.
Except, for the fact that he is on this vessel too.
Barrett, my best friend’s little brother who has had a vendetta against me since we were kids.
When he spouts his mouth off about his gorgeous ex, Katie, I can’t help but defend my new roomie.
The problem is now Kate isn’t only my roomie, she’s my fake girlfriend.
What else could go wrong?

You know what they say, be careful what you wish for.

Poor Katie should be enjoying an extended vacation celebrate her sister’s upcoming marriage but her cheating ex is on the cruise, too. Not only did he cheat when he knew she’d be coming over and was likely to catch him, but the jerk wouldn’t even refund her money for the cruise. He’s enjoying the room she paid for and Katie has nowhere to stay. Her sister finds a member of the wedding party to take her in, but it’s the groom’s best friend, Dominic. Katie can’t stand him.

Dominic has always had a thing for Katie but she can’t stand him so he’s never bothered to pursue her. Besides, she was dating his worst enemy last he checked so he wasn’t going there. But everything’s different now and he’s determined to show her he’s not the guy she thinks. Katie was pretty harsh, but Dominic was undeterred by her attitude. When he catches her ex talking smack, Dom jumps to defend her and accidentally says they’re dating. Trapped on a cruise ship with her obnoxious ex for the next two weeks, Katie is forced to play along but soon there’s nothing fake about it.

Katie and Dom are great together, funny and sweet and bringing the heat. There’s a good supporting cast, including the villainous ex, Barrett, who’s not at all likeable but definitely entertaining. This was fun to read and I really enjoyed it. I received an ARC from Grey’s Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

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