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Review: Save Me by Stacey Kennedy

Hazel and Kieran are pining for one another but they can’t go there because it would ruin their friendship. He doesn’t do relationships and she wants marriage with a white picket fence and babies so there’s no way they’re compatible. Instead, they decide she’ll teach him how to be a good date and he’ll give her sex lessons, but there won’t be any feelings involved. You can guess how that works out for them.

There are outside forces at work here but their emotional baggage is the only thing standing in the way of their happiness. Hazel is irresistible but Kieran tells himself she deserves a man who will give her everything and he’s not that guy. Kieran is funny, sweet and just happens to be the sexiest man she’s ever laid eyes on, but Hazel is convinced this is just a crush that won’t go anywhere.

Just weeks into their new arrangement, they’re both fighting feelings and fate is about to force their hand. The Phoenix Club storyline is fascinating and I loved the supporting cast so I’ll probably read the earlier books in the series and I really hope Hunt’s story is coming next. This is a steamy friends to lovers with a HEA that will make you smile.

Reporter Hazel Rose has a new assignment: locate the masked man in the photograph taken at the Phoenix sex club and snag an interview with him. The only problem? Shy Hazel already knows all about the club… and the man in the photo. He’s her new roommate, Kieran Black. But there’s no way Hazel would ever reveal his identity to the world, nor could she ever talk to Kieran about a secret sex club. His smile alone makes her blush. And after being beaten down by an emotionally cruel ex-boyfriend, Hazel has never really regained her self-confidence.

Kieran loves his sex dirty and his relationships brief. A child of a terrible divorce, Kieran has never seen the point in commitment. But suddenly, all his of best friends are getting married, and he’s beginning to realize how empty his life is. As Kieran and Hazel are both forced to attend wedding celebrations, he starts to learn more about his quiet roommate. When she explains her past struggles with relationships, he offers her a trade. He’ll fulfill all of her wildest sexual fantasies if she’ll help him understand how to be the type of partner a woman wants in a relationship.

Hazel knows this sizzling fantasy with Kieran isn’t supposed to last, but she quickly finds herself falling for the sweet, caring Kieran who is much better at relationships than he believes. But when life throws a wrench into their no-strings-attached arrangement, Hazel and Kieran must decide if they’re both willing to overcome their past heartaches and find a way forward… together.

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