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Review: Felix by Lulu Moore

New Release from Lulu Moore Felix

I have a secret.
Twelve years ago I crushed on my teammate’s little sister, before firmly putting her in the friend zone. Which then became the best friend zone.
And my teammate became more of a brother.
But now we have two problems.
One. I just found out she’s been crushing on me too, and my feelings have come hurtling back like a puck heading for the net.
Two. She’s my doctor and I’m her patient.
So we have some hurdles to get through. And I need to convince Doctor Molly Marks that we’re worth the fight.
That love is enough.
Because this isn’t a game I plan on losing.

Felix Cleverly is in my book boyfriend hall of fame. For all my love of Alex Winters, Sam Brennan, Bennett Mazzone, Dillon O’Donoghue and others, Felix went directly to the top five. He’s so devoted to Molly and so determined to shower her with love, it’s amazing. And Molly is great, I loved everything about her and have no complaints, but this is dual POV and seeing it through Felix’s eyes is hawt with a capital H.

They’ve been friends for more than a decade and both have nursed secret crushes the entire time. Only post-surgery anesthesia gives Felix the nerve to finally kiss Molly and it’s even better than he expected, but then she starts avoiding him. Molly doesn’t think he remembers their kiss and although she’s wanted Felix forever, she’s worked her ass off to be one of the best orthopedic surgeons in NYC and her job is extremely demanding.

There’s no time for a social life and her relationships never last more than a few months. He says he understands her seventy-hour work weeks and the need to skip out on plans last minute, but Molly knows that won’t last forever. Everyone professes to understand but the reality of living it is tough and every guy bails eventually, because of her job.

Molly wants to stop this before they really start. She needs to protect her heart from guaranteed devastation because finally having Felix means she has everything she’s ever wanted but losing him would crush her. Felix would never walk away but he can’t make her see. Molly is his everything and nothing matters more. But when he finally convinces her to give them a shot, a career curveball comes along to throw Molly’s world into chaos. She knows she can’t have it all because there’s just not enough time in the day, but does she give up her dream job or her dream man?

Their story is so romantic and sweet, I couldn’t get enough of these two. This author is new to me but I can’t wait to read more from her. I loved Molly and Felix and couldn’t get enough of their story.

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