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ARC Review: Hate To Want You by Julia Jarrett

Doctor Heidi Morgan is off limits. She’s an unwelcome reminder of the worst day of my life, and my new resident.

She’s the definition of forbidden, and I hate that I want her anyway.

Every chance Heidi gets, she’s testing the limits of my patience and my control. It should be easy to push her away; to convince myself not to trust her, or worse, give in to the intense pull I feel whenever she’s around.

But restraint is never easy.

Her seductively sweet smile and perfect curves keep me up at night with dirty thoughts I really shouldn’t be having. With every word we exchange, every touch we share, the fire she’s ignited in me is shifting from frustration into something else. Something far more risky.

It’s starting to feel like only a matter of time before I lose control and let her into my heart. I just have to find a way not to lose myself at the same time.

Max and Heidi’s story is a fun start to a new series. When they first met, they got along well. In fact, she was a bit uncomfortable being so attracted to the hot new doctor at the hospital since she’s married, but she moved away and didn’t have to deal with it anymore. Good thing, because Max’s entire demeanor changes on her last shift and she can’t reconcile his attitude with the sweet doctor she thought she knew.

Years later, Heidi is divorced and has given up nursing for medical school so it only makes sense to return to the hospital she loved for years. Fate decides to make life difficult so she ends up being Max’s resident and he’s every bit as cold as he was last time they saw one another, maybe even worse. She has no idea what she’s done to make him loathe her so much, but Heidi has her hands full with patients so she can’t worry about Doctor Grumpy-Pants.

Unfortunately for Max, he’s wildly attracted to the gorgeous resident. That would be a problem on it’s own but is complicated by the fact that she’s married to the man who almost destroyed his entire family, so Heidi’s a no-go for a lot of very good reasons. Too bad their bodies won’t get the message. I love the bickering of the enemies-to-lovers and Max’s family made an excellent supporting cast. Some of the med school stuff didn’t ring true so that’s a little distracting but I enjoyed Heidi and Max’s story very much. I received an ARC from Literally Yours PR in exchange for an honest review.

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