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ARC Review: Champion by Michelle Mankin

Have you ever wanted to go right to the steamy bedroom scene when reading a romance?

Then this is the anthology for you.

Wild and Windy Chicago Book Event proudly presents SEXY BEDTIME STORIES. 28 stories written by 28 selected authors attending this signing with all profit being donated to the Chicago Food Bank. Each of the 28 authors featured were inspired by the title and challenged to write five sexy chapters.

Each contribution is different. The only theme they share is the challenge to be sexy. All the authors contributing to this anthology are attending the fifth annual Wild and Windy Chicago Book Event May 12-13, 2023. Each author has generously donated their story and 100% of the profit from this anthology will be going to the Chicago Food Bank. There are paperback versions of this anthology available separately.

The following authors are contributing to this anthology: Alley Ciz, Cambria Hebert, Cary Hart, Harloe Rae, Hilary Storm, J. Saman, J.D. Hollyfield, J.L. Beck and C. Hallman, Jenna Galicki, Jennifer Hartmann, K.K. Allen, Kristy Marie, Laura Lee, Laura Pavlov, Lena Hendrix, Lisa Suzanne, Mandi Beck, Michelle Hercules, Michelle Mankin, Penelope Black, Rachel Leigh, Rebecca Sharp, Sapphire Knight, T.K. Leigh, T. Torrest, Teagan Hunter, Willow Aster, Yolanda Olson

I can’t wait to see more of this anthology but this story pulled me in from the first lines and left me wanting more. Champion is a star, the biggest quarterback in the game, but without football, his life is empty. He doesn’t want to want more but he’s being forced to admit that his current lifestyle isn’t working for him. Football has always been his life, but it’s no longer enough. He’s not sure how to make changes but when he meets a gorgeous woman on the beach, far from home, he knows it involves her. She’s the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen and there’s an instant connection between them. Electra is alone on this island but can’t seem to relax and recharge. She’s had it rough and though her boss means well, forcing her to take an all-expense paid trip to paradise, Electra doesn’t know how to get better.

Since the day her life changed, she’s only ever been able to get by, nothing more. She doesn’t see any way that’s going to change because she’s mostly just going through the motions, not really living. Until she meets a cocky athlete on the street. Electra tried to ignore him but he chased her and that was enough to intrigue her. These two are fire together and I need the rest of their story. I received an ARC from Literally Yours PR in exchange for an honest review.

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