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ARC Review: More Than I Could by Adriana Locke

This grumpy hero makes things hard for the nanny.

You know what? I’m over him.
His moods.
The verbal sparring.
Those biceps that look like they were cut from marble.

Okay, maybe I’m not over him being shirtless.

Chase Marshall is a single dad with a daughter to love, so fighting with me shouldn’t be a priority. But he can’t seem to stay away.

The lingering looks when he thinks I’m not watching.
The seemingly innocent touches while making breakfast.
The smirks gracing his lips after I’m irritated by his antics.
He’s ridiculously sweet to his daughter. I even catch glimpses of how charming he could be to me—if he wanted to.

But that’s the problem. He acts like he doesn’t want to. That he doesn’t want me.

He does. It’s in the innuendos, the way he places his hand in the small of my back—the almost kisses while we’re putting away groceries. The way he comes running when I see a spider and checks on me before he goes to bed. Even if he does grumble about it.

I might not be totally over my boss, but I’m going to make him think I am.
Let’s see how frustrated Mr. Marshall gets now.

This was a perfect weekend read, light and funny, with just the right balance of steam and biting banter. Megan and Chase are five-alarm fun, full of heat and dirty jokes in this small town, grumpy-sunshine romance. Their chemistry is off the charts, which is evident within seconds of meeting, but they’re both determined not to act on this insane attraction. They’re completely honest about it though, which makes it interesting. Nobody is shy or subtle about it, they put all their cards on the table from the beginning, which is so refreshing.

Chase is a devoted single dad carrying a lot of guilt who worries he’s failing his teenage daughter. He doesn’t do relationships because he dated someone for years and when they broke up, Kennedy was devastated. Chase will never bring anyone else into their lives because he won’t risk hurting his daughter again. Megan is restless and desperate to find direction in her life again. She doesn’t know what she wants out of life right now and it’s frustrating. Her job was fun and glamorous but she doesn’t actually miss any of that. Nothing feels right and nowhere feels like home. Megan’s a little lost.

Despite feeling rudderless, Megan is fierce. She’s funny, smart and always stands up for herself. Chase is broody and cranky on the surface, but he’s a romantic deep down. They fell hard and fast, but it never seemed rushed or tenuous. They had an incredible connection from the moment they met, intense and deep. They’re both very real and honest. I really enjoyed watching them figure things out and the supporting cast is hilarious. I hope we get a lot more of the Marshall family. I received an ARC from Candi Kane PR in exchange for an honest review.

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