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First Line Friday: Sinful Stolen Knight by Tracy Lorraine

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My book is Sinful Stolen Knight by Tracy Lorraine.

“You’re not going,” I state, staring at my sister with my hands firmly on my hips.

Her eyes are puffy and bloodshot, her nose glowing red and when she attempts to argue with me, she doesn’t even sound like my big sister.

“I have to,” she says, her voice all nasally. “We need the money and I can’t let—”

“You won’t be letting anyone down,” I argue. “If I go in your place.”

About Sinful Stolen Knight: This is one of two prequels to the next and final trilogy in the Knight’s Ridge Empire. It’s bittersweet to know this amazing series is ending but I can’t wait for Alex’s story. There’s an additional prequel available solely through the author’s Patreon but this one is free on Amazon.


The last thing I wanted to do with my evening was get all dressed up just to allow old rich dudes to undress me with their leering eyes while I pretended to laugh at their crass jokes.

The only funny thing about this situation is that it shouldn’t be me. My sister is the experienced dancer. I’m the innocent one. But with her down and our desperation at an all-time high, I didn’t have much choice.

I even argued to get myself here, thanks to my guilt. How bad could it really be?

Bad… worse than I expected.

Eyes everywhere, hands itching to follow.

Angry and irritated with the men’s audacity, I escape from the action only to find myself trapped in a man’s bedroom. A very wealthy man judging by the collection of watches I find.

I know I shouldn’t be here, touching what doesn’t belong to me. But they have everything… and we have nothing.

Time freezes the moment I’m caught, and a thrill runs through me. Because it’s not one of the older men from downstairs that finds me. It’s him. The guy I thought could save me from this living hell.

Only now, his kindness has vanished, replaced with the same hunger… but something in his eyes lets me know he’s not afraid to take what he wants.

And I’m not sure I can stop him… or if I want to.

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