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Review: Sinful Knight by Tracy Lorraine

The night we met, she left behind a lot more than just her shoes on my bedroom floor.

She left an impression.

A lasting memory burned into my brain. It teases me… tortures me.

Months have passed since that night. I’ve tried a million and one ways to get her out of my head.

But she’s always there. Haunting me. Stealing my sinful thoughts. Fuelling my darkest desires.

I warned her to stay away. But I didn’t mean it— not really.

Before I can make her mine, I’ll have to find her. With nothing more than her red heels, it’s impossible.

Until I stumble across her in the exact same place I found her the first time… and the last place I expected her to be.

She didn’t heed my warning.

And she’s about to learn to take my threats more seriously.

I want to claim her, but she’s not mine to keep. So I’ll take what I can get, and be the one to walk away this time.

My mistake was thinking I would always know where to find her. I just hope this time I’m not too late.

If you thought you knew Alex, you’re wrong. There’s so much more to him than we’ve seen in the others’ stories. That happy-go-lucky attitude and sunny personality are a façade, his way of protecting himself from the world. Alex plays a very special role in the family business and he hates himself for it. He doesn’t believe himself worthy of a relationship and is convinced nobody would want him if they knew his secret. What he hasn’t realized yet is that he’s met his match in Evie.

She’s not a typical KRE heroine but you’ll adore her. Their first meeting was accidental but Alex spent months seeking her out again to no avail, then he finally found her. Evie isn’t sure what to make of the gorgeous broody mafia man, but she’d like to take the time to figure it out, even if this can’t turn into anything.

I loved finally getting to know the inner workings of our last man standing, although the author is still teasing the Alex-Isla-Ant story and I’m desperate for more. Evie is a force, although she may not realize it, but she’s tough as nails and determined to find a better life for herself and her siblings at any cost. This is a slow burn with teasing heat and enough suspense to drive you crazy. Of course it ends on a torturous cliffhanger, which we all knew was coming, but the next book can’t come fast enough.

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