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ARC Review: For Your Eyes Only by Tia Louise

No touching.
It’s the only rule in this business, and trust me, with my money and power, “hands off” is not a problem.
I don’t need the women I employ to satisfy my needs…
Until her.
She’s different than the other girls, innocent, intoxicating, impossibly seductive.
I can’t take my eyes off her, and it’s not long before hot looks turn to hotter touches.
I’m the boss, after all, I call the shots.
And nothing’s more fun than breaking the rules.

I came to this country to pursue my dream… but it was a lie, a scam that quickly fell apart.
Desperate, I took the only job I could with no work visa.
They promised no one would know.
They promised no touching.
Until I saw him.
Dark scruff shading an arrogant grin, lean muscles stretching expensive fabric, eyes like twilight sending electricity from my stomach to my toes.
He’s my boss, but the way he watches makes me do dirty things.
For his eyes only, I’m uninhibited, experienced, a seductress.
Only, our game turns dangerous when a watcher threatens everything, and my hands-on hero vows to save me.

If you’ve read Fearless and Filthy, you know Trip Alexander as a shady party boy on the periphery of organized crime. He knows bad people, does too many drugs and is involved with some very unsavory people. But it turns out, you don’t know Trip Alexander at all. He’s so much more than we ever got to see from Blake and Hana’s stories. I was indifferent to him then and maybe even leaning towards dislike because of the vague and unexplained role he plays in Hana’s life. He always said he was trying to help her, but the people who love her never believed him.

Reading his story directly is an eye-opener. He’s sort of trapped in a world that isn’t of his own making but there was no way out so he found a way to make the best of it. I had a whole new appreciation for him early on. The more I learned, the more I adored him. I didn’t think any man in this series could ever surpass Hutch on the book boyfriend list but I think Trip has pulled it off. He’s ruthless and tough as nails while running his empire but Gia brings out another side of him, maybe an entirely different man. She makes him want things he’s never even imagined before, things he never knew existed until he met her.

Gia is amazing. She’s shy and reserved by nature but life has forced her to be brave and adventurous way beyond her comfort zone. She’s traveled halfway across the world and makes a name for herself as a burlesque dancer in a strip joint but still doesn’t see it as success. I loved everything about her but I was a bit concerned because I wasn’t sure Trip was good enough for her at first but he proved that assumption wrong. I enjoyed the protectiveness because Gia needs someone taking care of her for once and Trip fits the bill.

I can’t recommend Trip and Gia’s story enough. These two are perfect together and their chemistry is absolutely insane. This story is super high-heat yet still sweet, with tension so high it’s off the charts and suspense, too. I couldn’t put this book down because I was invested from the first chapter. I received an ARC from Grey’s Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

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