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Review: Ex Games by Stella Rhys

What’s ice-cold but hotter than hell? Rebounding with your ex’s older brother, of course.

A perfect storm led me to this place. Ghosted by my fiancé, I was suddenly broke, heartbroken and facing eviction. Enter Mason Leo, the six feet and two inches of pure muscle and arrogance I’ve hated with a passion since the day we met. The man is cocky, womanizing and ruinously gorgeous.

Worse than that, he’s my ex’s brother. And for the next two weeks, he gets to do with me as he pleases.

I’ll explain.

With both our exes – wait for it – set to marry each other in St. Lucia, I’ve agreed to let Mason pay my debts so long as I play his date. My only job is to keep my clothes on while I get my closure. Because as much as I hate Mason Leo, the man is a walking sex god. And in the name of revenge, he gets to take me out, show me off – dress, touch and kiss me with those wicked lips. It’s all for show, but every night in paradise with him brings more drinks, more drama and another temptation, so no matter what I do, I can’t stop reminding myself this:

There’s absolutely no good to come from f*cking my ex’s brother.

No matter how good it’ll feel.

This story was light and fun and left me wanting more. Mason and Taylor are perfect together and the more I got to know them, the more I liked them both. They were enemies when she was dating his brother but now Mason wants her help. They’re going to stop their exes from marrying one another so they’ll pretend to be together just to get a rise out of the exes. Taylor and Mason bring the heat and I enjoyed watching them come together. They were great together from the start but once they start having feelings, it got really interesting.

Mason has a bad reputation as a womanizing jerk with no respect for anyone, but that information all comes from his jealous bitter brother. The one who was supposed to marry Taylor but ran off like a coward instead. Once she begins to see Mason for who he really is, Taylor realizes that she never should have believed her ex. Aaron’s extremely insecure and has competed against his brother his entire life, despite the fact that his parents coddle him and Mason has always supported his brother in every way.

Aaron was insufferable but I enjoyed watching him implode nearly as much as I enjoyed watching Taylor and Mason fall in love. I adored these characters and their story. This is my first book by the author, but certainly won’t be the last.

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