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Review: A Stolen Suit by Angela Casella

I hate him…but I also want to touch his abs. Is that normal?

GraceMy boss, the famous romance novelist, always said she’d open doors for me when I finished writing my first book. Only I have…and she hasn’t. Worse, I just met her new brand manager, and I know him.

Enoch “the Suit” Laskin made my life miserable in business school, right up until he seduced me. Then he took an internship with Parker Brand Management, working for my father, the other man I hate.

Enoch is a traitor. He’s a jerk. It’s torture to be around him.

Lucky for me, the Fairy Godmother Agency, a husband and wife P.I. team who help women in dire straits, have offered to make me their next client.

The Suit won’t know what hit him.

EnochI sold my soul to John Parker, and I still haven’t gotten it back.

Grace thinks I betrayed her. She’s not wrong, but she doesn’t know the full story.

Through a few twists of fate, I’ve become the caretaker of my grumpy father and teenage nephew. I’m determined to prove myself to Grace, and to them, but everything keeps going disastrously wrong.

If I were a more superstitious man, I’d think someone was out to get me.

I was excited for Grace and Enoch’s story and it does not disappoint. They’re enemies turned lovers turned super-enemies so there’s a lot of history. She thinks he’s the devil and he just wishes it wasn’t so close to the truth where Grace is concerned. He wants to make amends but she wants to make him suffer so enter The Fairy Godmother Agency. Nicole dives right in to make Enoch’s life hell and quickly succeeds before Grace realizes maybe he isn’t as bad as she thought. Maybe he’s not even the real enemy here.

There are lots of twists and turns with Grace’s crazy boss, eccentric romance author Vera Valentine, plus Grace’s estranged dad and how he affects their lives. I love the author’s writing style and can always count on her books to make me laugh out loud. The characters are easy to love and I hang on every word. Her books are the kind you just can’t put down.

This one was also notable because it gave us more Damien than the others and we all want more Damien, just admit it. And hello, has anyone started a petition requesting the portrait reveal yet? We need to see Vera’s fave shot of Enoch and Damien at the fountain. Grace and Enoch’s story is funny, sweet and steamy and a definite must-read for any romance lover. I received an ARC from Grey’s Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

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