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ARC Review: The Oracle by Serena Akeroyd

I friendzoned Hunter Lachlan because I thought he could never give me what I needed.

After a decade of pushing him away, I don’t recognize Las Vegas’s new Don.

Maybe my childhood best friend knew me better than I ever realized…

And maybe, just maybe, he’s the one man for whom I’ll kneel.

I can’t get enough Aurora and Hunter. I devoured the first book in record time because I’ve been waiting for Rory’s story since The Don and it was everything I expected. That’s a wonderful thing but there was also a cliffhanger, and it was absolutely brutal. Suffice to say the wait was long and drawn out because I have no patience. But that doesn’t matter anymore because their story is so worth the wait.

Aurora may be the queen of badass heroines, which is no small feat. I just love everything about her: the snark, the self-assurance, the stone exterior, the way she can do a controlled stop to incapacitate assassins. One of the things I like best about her is how she drops the façade completely for Hunter. She lets him in, lets him see her, gives him her all of weaknesses that she works so hard to hide from the world. He’s so good for her in every way. She carried a heavy load as Luciu’s consigliere just for being a woman but having him at her side changes everything. I love everything about her. Even the cover of this book comes through because the gorgeous model is exactly how I’d pictured Aurora when we first met her in Lucui and Jen’s story.

Hunter is a dream in every way. He’s a ruthless killer who shows his enemies no mercy but he’s so gentle and sweet with her, it melts your heart. One of my favorite Hunter scenes involves the broken bed frame and it’s not at all what you’re expecting. I didn’t think any Don would ever surpass Bennett Mazzone on my book boyfriend list, but it’s a tie between Ben and Hunter Lachlan. The whole BDSM thing is usually a huge bore for me, but all the rules are out the window when it comes to Hunter. He’s just that good. The final chapters are a window into their future in more ways than one, which is my favorite ending. Even better, there will be a bonus epilogue available when the book receives enough reviews, so I can’t wait. This is one of my favorite series of the year and I can’t recommend it enough. I received an ARC from Valentine PR in exchange for an honest review.

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