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ARC Review: The Rebel by Lena Hendrix

I was supposed to lay low while my Hollywood drama blew over. Not fall for a man with golden retriever energy who isn’t afraid to take what he wants.

When I find myself back in the odd little town of Tipp, Montana, the last person I expect to fall for is an army vet turned cowboy.

Let alone discover he was my first kiss all those years ago. Back then, I never even knew his name.

Josh Laredo is smart, successful, and sexy as hell.

When my efforts to sneak onto his federally protected ranch don’t go as planned, he covers for me.

Bit by bit he breaks down the walls I’ve created to protect my heart. And there’s a filthy mouth buried beneath all that good guy bravado.

He’s determined to peel back every one of my layers and give us the second chance he thinks we deserve. All he wants is to see the real woman beneath the Hollywood smile. But I’m searching for answers, and as more secrets are revealed, I’m learning that things aren’t always what they seem in Tipp, Montana.

I love a good small-town romance and Lena always delivers. Josh was so likeable and real, I was a fan immediately. It took a bit longer to warm up to Effie, not because I didn’t like her (I did), but because she seemed to be afraid to stand up for herself. She wasn’t happy in her career or personal life, which was frustrating but she figured it out and handled her business.

Josh seems like a laid-back, easy-going guy although he’s anything but so they’re both struggling to fulfill their roles while being true to themselves, so it gave them something to bond over. These two have an extremely short but significant history that shocks them both but in the best possible way. I enjoyed watching them come together and take what they really wanted out of life. I received an ARC from Social Butterfly PR in exchange for an honest review.

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