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ARC Review: Irish Charmer by LK Shaw

For three years I’ve kept my son a secret in order to protect him from the dangers of the syndicate. A life his Irish father is still a part of.

When I have to return to Brooklyn, I don’t expect Nathan to be the first person I see. For a moment, the world disappears and it’s only the two of us. Until reality intrudes.

Because there’s no more hiding the fact that the blue-eyed, red-haired little boy at my side is his.

Neither time nor the distance separating us has made me forget Lucia. From our first meeting, there’s been some part of her that calls to me.

With the discovery of my son, I’m even more determined to prove to her that she’s mine.

Soon though, a possessive stalker from her past re-emerges, and he wants her for himself. We begin a deadly game of hide-and-seek, and when it’s over, only one of us will be left standing.

Lucia and Nathan’s story pulled me in from the first pages. When they first meet, she’s determined to ignore him. He’s too young for her and a bit too cocky so she walks away but Nathan doesn’t give up. When they meet again three years later, things briefly get hot and heavy. It’s supposed to be a few stolen minutes and nothing more, just an interlude in her life, but it turns out to have lifelong consequences. When they meet again, she doesn’t offer much in the way of explanation but Nathan is an absolute saint and gives her the benefit of the doubt. She eventually explains everything later on and he understands why she never contacted him, even though he doesn’t like it.

There’s an adorable little boy, the usual cast of secondary characters and plenty of suspense throughout. I really adored Nathan from the beginning and although it took time to warm up to Lucia, I eventually did. My one criticism (and it’s tiny) is that the way the child speaks is distracting. It’s hard to explain but toddler speak written phonetically is a personal pet peeve. Nathan and Lucia’s story is lovely and I highly recommend it. I received an ARC from Valentine PR in exchange for an honest review.

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