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Featured Author: Bella Matthews

This is a new feature to introduce the world to my favorite authors. There are so many wonderful authors out there and it’s our duty as book lovers to shout our favorites from the rooftops so other readers discover their stories.

If you’re not familiar with Bella Matthews, you are missing out. She’s a relatively new author, but she’s given us some of my favorite books of the year. I came to this party late so I haven’t read the full Kings of Kroydon Hills series YET, but I read Sebastian and Leni’s book, Under Pressure, and fell in love.

Her writing style is perfect for me and I can’t get enough of the characters. I was all about Sebastian’s brother Sam and couldn’t wait for the Restless Kings series, since his book was the first. It ended up being everything I wanted and more. I read A LOT but few books make me as happy as that one did and it was just the beginning. The second book, Broken King, is actually my favorite of the series. Scarlet and Cade were everything. Individually, they’re fantastic characters but together they are hot as Hades and far more entertaining. Cade St. James is practically the gold standard for the perfect book boyfriend.

Her latest is The Risks We Take duet and the first book, Changing The Game, was amazing, although the cliffhanger is painful. Carys and Cooper’s story is addictive and not just because I’m a sucker for a hot stepbrother. It took a turn I didn’t see coming which gave the story a whole new dimension and I absolutely loved it. Review coming soon and I promise this duet is a must-read. I’m looking forward for more to come from Bella and content to make my way through her first series until the next release. After all, who doesn’t love hot football players?

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