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ARC Review: Fallen King by Bella Matthews

Long live the King

Growing up as the oldest Kingston sibling, I knew what was expected of me.

King Corp. was my legacy, and my siblings were my responsibility.

The world was ours for the taking. For the living.

But I neglected to live it for myself . . . until her.

Daphne Brenner wasn’t meant to be part of the deal.

I never intended to acquire a new assistant with my new hockey team, but here she is.

Constantly challenging me. Continually Intriguing me. Never backing down.

Even if I’m the villain in her fairytale.

He stole my legacy, and now he holds the key to my future.

When he sold our family’s hockey team to Max Kingston, my father destroyed my dreams without a second thought. And that was only his first betrayal.

Now I have to play nice with my new boss in order to carve out my new future.

But when long days and late nights lead to so much more, I realize I’m falling for the intensely arrogant, beautiful man who quietly puts everyone else’s needs before his own.

Playing nice with the enemy isn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be.

But can I survive falling for this King?

I loved Daphne and Max’s story from the first page. It goes right into the action from Daphne’s POV as the rug gets ripped out from under her. Her entire life goes sideways in minutes with no warning and things just keep getting crazier. Max is expanding his kingdom and jumps right into his new role as head of the Revolution, but his beautiful new assistant has an immediate effect on him. Watching him struggle with his reaction to Daphne is one of the best things about this story. He’s so confident and successful in every aspect of his life, with his family and empire, but this hot blonde makes him weak as soon as he sets his eyes on her for the first time. There’s the forbidden aspect of their attraction since he’s the boss, plus an age gap, but they really don’t bother fighting it because the pull is so strong.

There’s a lot of angst because of her family situation and his (to a lesser extent, ahem, Beckett) but Max falls hard and fast with no reservations, even as Daphne works to guard her heart. I love the way they came together and stuck together throughout. The epilogue is my favorite of the series and one of the highlights is seeing Beck get beat down by a girl. This is a perfect end to a favorite series. I received an ARC from Social Butterfly PR in exchange for an honest review.

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