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Review: Rise of the King by Bella Matthews

Forevers don’t exist when you’re on the run.

Amelia cannot get attached—not to the town or the people in it.
And definitely not to the tall, dark, and handsome mafia prince who sweet-talks his way past her carefully built walls.

Why put yourself through that, knowing it’ll all be ripped away when you leave?
And she will have to leave.

This life isn’t hers to keep.

Sam calls her Snow, like the fairy-tale princess.
But her life is far from a fairy tale.
Even a prince can’t change that.

For Sam Beneventi, there’s a difference between his family and The Family.

He’s been raised to one day take control of The Family, putting that above all else.
Strength and power are all that matter.

Weakness isn’t an option. It’s an excuse. And Sam never makes excuses.
Until his future walks into his life and blows it up with one single bullet.

When the lost princess stumbles into this mafia prince’s city, all bets are off.
And Amelia is all he sees.

To keep her safe, it’s time for Sam to take control.
To take the throne.
To wear the crown.
It’s time for the Rise of the King.

I’ve been waiting for Sam’s story since that car explosion in Bash’s story and it was even better than expected. Sam might be a killer but he protects his little brother from the life and takes care of his grandma so I wanted to know more. Turns out, there’s a lot more to Sam and his obsession with Amelia is epic. He wants her but she doesn’t let people in because she has some dark secrets. She doesn’t share them with anyone but Sam won’t settle for anything less than the whole story.

Amelia thinks she’s trouble but Sam always has a plan and that plan includes keeping her safe and claiming her. She wants to resist but he’s determined to break through the barriers she throws up against the world. I love these characters and the way they come together in spite of all the risks and everything they have to fear. Sam and Amelia are epic and I want more of their story. I received an ARC from Social Butterfly PR in exchange for an honest review.

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