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Review: Crash by MT Morgan

I’ve always hated Jasmine. I couldn’t pinpoint why, something about her just got under my skin.
Then she snitched on me. Now, I live to torment her. Bask in the glory of her tears.
One kiss put her on my radar.
One bet had my world in a downward spiral.
And my heart? It found its reason for beating… until she broke it.

I just wanted to finish school and leave my legacy behind. I didn’t want to sling drugs like my dad or become a mafia princess like my mom. I wanted to be an artist, but everyone keeps telling me it’s not possible.
My plan was to escape. But then Easton came along, tormenting me and crushing my heart in the palm of his hand.
I hated Easton, but maybe, I loved him, too.
Until I didn’t.

Jasmine and Easton’s story is dark. He’s tormented her for as long as she can remember but she can’t stop wanting him. She’s been through some stuff and has issues so maybe that’s why she’s drawn to him. He has always hated her more than anything but one dare changes everything, turning his world on upside-down.

Easton is her bully. They live in an isolated mafia world but her parents, despite being very powerful, haven’t been able to protect Jasmine and she’s suffering. She has more pressing matters to handle than worrying about Easton, but when he’s drawn to her, she’s helpless to resist him. Too bad he wants to destroy her.

I liked Jasmine immediately and just wanted someone to protect her, but Easton certainly wouldn’t have been my first choice. It took longer to warm up to him, but he really brought it as the story progressed. I love a good bully romance and enemies to lovers and this one delivers. I received an ARC from Social Butterfly PR in exchange for an honest review.

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