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Review: Traitor by Hattie Jude

I’ve lost my family, my wealth, and the place I called home for the past five years.

Now I’ve moved back to where it all began…

With the guys I thought I’d never see again.

Abel, Ronan, Wells, and Bishop were my friends at one time.

The only girl they would let into their inner circle.

Now they hate me.

They think I’m a traitor.

And I don’t know why.

But I am bound and determined to find out.

The problem is, there is a super fine line between hate and lust.

What happens when we all cross it?

Traitor is the first book in the Loxley Prep reverse harem series.

Lennon’s whole life has been a tragedy, beginning with the parents who didn’t want her. Her mother left and her father abused her up until he killed himself. She lives with her aunt now and always thought they were close but she’s learning that aunt Darby has some huge secrets. As a child, Lennon suffered in a camp for wayward kids and formed an unbreakable bond with Bishop, Wells, Ronan and Abel, who were also residents. Except she was in a for a rude awakening when her cruel parents ripped her out of Camp Capitree because her friends turned on her and now they want to make her life hell.

She spent a few years in Texas but has come back to Minnesota to confront her former friends. Lennon needs to know why they hate her now. The reception she receives is cold and calculated to drive her away, but she’s determined to stay and get the answers she’s sought for years. The guys aren’t making it easy on her though, from Abel’s fits of rage to Wells and Ronan’s seduction. She’s also adjusting to her new life and school, complete with mean girls and all the drama they entail. Lennon is such a sympathetic character and so tough, I loved her immediately. And while I warmed up to Ronan and Wells pretty quickly, and even somewhat to Bishop, I’m having trouble imagining any scenario where Abel redeems himself. That’s just one of the reasons I can’t wait for more, though.

This story is full of heat and suspense and I couldn’t put it down. I’ll be waiting impatiently for the next book in the series. I received an ARC from Valentine PR in exchange for an honest review.

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