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Review: Lust by Eva Charles

Our fate was sealed with a blood oath.
She’s more than I expected.
And hiding deadly secrets.

Her angels play so nicely with my demons.
I crave her touch.
Her whimpers.
Her obedience.
Her light.

Do I deserve her? No.
Will that stop me from taking what’s rightfully mine? Also no.

Some men never seek forgiveness, not even with their final breath.
My name is Antonio Huntsman, and I am one of those men.

Lust is the second book in A Sinful Empire Trilogy, which begins with Greed and concludes with Envy. It should be read after reading Greed. Lust is a dark romance with dark themes.
Forbidden fruit has never been sweeter…

This is such an emotional roller-coaster, I don’t know where to begin but I will say that I loved every minute of it. I can’t get enough of Daniela and Antonio. He’s slowly coming to terms with his feelings for her but isn’t a great communicator so they still have a lot of growing pains. I love seeing Daniela push back against his orders and stand up for herself. Most women in her shoes wouldn’t dream of doing so – many wouldn’t even think it’s necessary – but she’s not a docile, obedient creature. I liked Daniela immediately and took time to warm up to Antonio but I like him more than ever. He’s ruthless and violent, but only to bad men; He has a conscience and a heart and does much good in the world, he just ensures that nobody knows.

There are some very dark elements to the story, but they add so much emotion and suspense, it really adds to the story. There’s heartbreak and betrayal and a painful cliffhanger but I love their story and will read it again. I received an ARC from Social Butterfly PR in exchange for an honest review.

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