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Review: Fearless by Tia Louise

He’s intense, he’s fearless, and he’ll stop at nothing to save her.

My job is to protect the innocent, but Blake van Hamilton has never been innocent.
With killer curves, silky brown hair, and silvery-blue eyes, she’s been an inconvenient object of my lust since we were teens.
Now I’ve been hired to guard her against a band of criminals who want her money, and maybe even her life.
I’m the last person she wants helping her.
Blake van Hamilton hates me, but it won’t stop me from doing my job.

Hutch Winston may be sexy as hell, but I won’t fall for his white knight, alpha-protector act.
Not since he used it to ruin my life at sixteen.
But when my best friend turns up dead and my uncle goes missing, Hutch is my only option.
Moving into his family estate is the real test.
It gets worse when I accidentally see him naked in the shower, moaning my name.
I have to keep my head and my heart in line—not to mention my body.
Every part of me wants him in every possible way.
I may be fearless, but how I feel about him scares me most of all.

This story pulled me in from the first page. Blake is my favorite kind of heroine – smart, strong and independent. She also knows accepting help doesn’t make you weak and she didn’t fight the attraction, despite the fact that she’s been plotting revenge on him for years. Hutch is the perfect hero to complement Blake. He’s got the perfect filthy mouth, possibly the best I’ve ever seen. I love the way he takes charge without being overbearing and always makes Blake feel safe. Their story is suspenseful and full of tension but they’re perfect together and so hot. I loved everything about it. I received an ARC from Grey’s Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

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