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Review: A London Villain by Catherine Wiltcher

The Devil dances in his veins…

It started with a dare:
Steal a kiss from the pretty, green-eyed girl with the Irish mobster father.
Turns out, Ada O’Sullivan was a much better thief than me.
In the span of one night, I lost my head, my senses, my loyalty to my own crime family…

At nineteen, she was the only thing worth fighting for.
Dying for.
But I was a boy playing a man’s game.
In the end, they drove me from this city, while Ada was driven straight to hell.

Now, I’m back—an avenging devil—with red hands and loaded bullets.
Irish. Mafia. Bratva. British.
Everyone who tore her from my arms, everyone who has ever hurt her, will suffer the consequences.

But time bleeds secrets.
Secrets open old wounds.
Ada isn’t the same sweet girl I knew before they ripped her innocence apart.
And that boy?
I turned him into a villain who will stop at nothing to make her mine again.

This is a heavy read and very dark but so very worth it. Frankie’s story pulled me in from the first page and Ada’s life is heartbreaking in every way. Their love is the only good thing in her world. The author paints such vivid pictures with her words, I was on an emotional rollercoaster the whole time. It’s an action-packed story and I couldn’t put this book down because I needed to know what happened next. Some of the scenes are tough to read because I was so invested int these characters but they got their HEA and I loved every minute of it. I received an ARC from Social Butterfly PR in exchange for an honest review.

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