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Review: Dueling Doctors by D.C. Renee

I wasn’t a damn statistic.

I was a person, and I deserved to be treated as such.

But that was a foreign concept to Dr. Elias Kupmen, so I set out to prove him wrong. I’d be the best freaking compassionate doctor ever. And I succeeded.

Then I returned to the place that started it all eight years earlier.

He wouldn’t be there after all this time, right? I wouldn’t have to face him, yeah?

The answer to those questions was a big, fat NO.

Elias was still there and still an asshole. But now, I wasn’t his patient; I was his colleague. I was the one unafraid to call him out and spar with him.

Until the tables were turned. And just like that, I got a chance to really prove him wrong. That’s all, though, nothing more…certainly not falling for the asshole…

We were two dueling doctors, but in every battle, there’s always a winner. Which one of us would it be?

This is Ivy and Elias’ story. She was a scared college student who got treated by a jerk doctor and his awful bedside manner set her entire life course. Until then, she was lost with no idea what to do with her life and too stressed over it to even choose a major. After being “treated” by a sorry excuse for a doctor, she saw a good doctor who diagnosed her anxiety and she vowed to become the kind of doctor people deserve. Imagine her surprise to walk into Eastport General eight long years later and see Elias. He’s a competent doctor but completely impersonal. After all, he’s there to make people well, not befriend every patient that comes through the door. Elias knows he’s an asshole, but he’s okay with that, until he meets Ivy. He has no recollection of ever meeting her before and treats her as any other young new doc, despite the fact that she’s really hot. Until she starts getting on his case about how he treats – or fails to treat – his patients. He ignores her bossy demands, but then his patients start switching to her as their doc. Ivy is great although it took some time to warm up to Elias but their story is short, sweet and fun. I received an ARC from Enticing Journey Book Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

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