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Review: Taking the Leap by Kristen Ashley

Alexandra Sharp has been crushing on her co-worker, John “Rix” Hendrix for years. He’s her perfect man, she knows it.

She’s just not his perfect woman, and she knows that too.

Then Rix gives Alex a hint that maybe there’s a spark between them that, if she takes the leap, she might be able to fan into a flame. This leads to a crash and burn, and that’s all shy Alex needs to catch the hint never to take the risk again.

However, with undeniable timing, Rix’s ex, who broke his heart, and Alex’s family, who spent her lifetime breaking hers, rear their heads, gearing up to offer more drama. With the help of some matchmaking friends, Rix and Alex decide to face the onslaught together…

As a fake couple.

I was already jonesing for Alex and Rix’s story before I even finished the first book in this series, so it seems like I’ve waited forever, but it’s finally here and totally worth the wait. Alex Sharp is a laid-back outdoorsy girl, living completely under the radar and loving life. She’s had a major crush on her hot coworker John Hendrix forever, but she’s too nervous and tongue-tied around him to do anything except embarrass herself. To make matters worse, Rix hasn’t really noticed Alex that way, she’s just his oddball coworker who doesn’t have stellar social skills.

His best friend, Judge Oakley, doesn’t catch on to Alex’s struggles around Rix, but Judge’s girlfriend Chloe Pierce recognizes the situation immediately and she’s determined to intervene. After helping to reunite Chloe’s own mom with her first love, it’s kind of become Chloe’s thing so she jumps right in to make things happen. I love a good fake relationship and this book delivers.

Alex and Rix are two of my favorite characters ever because they’re both very real, totally likeable and just interesting people in every way. Rix has overcome tragedy and heartbreak but he’s come out stronger for it. He’s all growly alpha and I love everything about him. Rix is perfectly bossy with a filthy mouth, just the way I like them. Alex has lived a strange and trying life with her family because they’re all completely insane and she’s the only normal one. She exudes strength and grace despite having a difficult childhood with her cruel and dismissive mother, incredibly narcissistic sister and a mostly absent father. Her life has been completely devoid of emotional support and the love that a family should give, yet she’s remarkably well-adjusted with a huge heart.

The family storyline took a backseat to the romance, although they’re beautifully intertwined but one of the most satisfying moments in any book ever takes place with Alex’s family and I couldn’t possibly have enjoyed it more. Their story is funny and sweet and damn steamy. I loved everything about it and will definitely read it again. I received an ARC from Social Butterfly PR in exchange for an honest review.

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