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Review: Small Town, Big Rumors by Willow Winters

He tasted like tequila and the fake name I gave him was Rose.

Four years ago, I decided to get over one man, by getting under another. A single night and nothing more.

I found my handsome stranger with a shot glass and charming but devilish smile at the end of the bar. The desire that hit his eyes the second they landed on me ignited a spark inside me, instant and hot. He was perfect and everything I didn’t know I needed. That one night may have ended, but I left with much more than a memory.

Four years later, and with a three-year-old in tow, the man I still dream about is staring at me from across the street in the town I grew up in. I don’t miss the flash of recognition, or the heat in his gaze.

The chemistry is still there, even after all these years.

I just hope the secrets and regrets don’t destroy our second chance before it’s even begun.

This is the Tequila Rose duet, Tequila Rose and it’s conclusion, Autumn Night Whiskey. Magnolia is a sheltered college student who gets dumped over the phone by the only guy she’s ever been with and it’s a complete shock. Robert was her best friend for years and her first everything so his decision comes as a complete shock. She heads to the bar, determined to drown her sorrows in more ways than one and meets the delectable and irresistible Brody.

“If Man Candy Mondays had a mascot, this man would be it.”

They spend an unforgettable night together but it’s interrupted by the worst news Magnolia has ever received in her life. She rushes home as her world is turned upside-down in the worst possible ways and they have no way to find one another again. Now a single mom, Magnolia is back in her hometown for good and struggling to make a life for herself and her daughter. Robert has been an angel who’s helped her when she had no one else. They’re still the best of friends with occasional benefits, but nothing more. Until the day Brody comes to town.

Robert is determined to stake his claim because he knows they belong together and she’s blindsided. Magnolia never realized he wanted more and he never let on because he didn’t want her to feel pressured. Brody’s ecstatic to find her again and she couldn’t be happier to see him. But the question remains: which one of these men is Bridget’s father? She believes in her heart it’s Brody but that little girl seems to have Robert’s blue eyes. Things are messy and more complicated than she could have imagined because she doesn’t want to hurt Robert but knows her future is with Brody.

Magnolia’s life is complicated by her the legacy of her father so the last thing she needs is more drama, but that’s exactly what she gets. She wants to explore things with Brody but can’t stand the thought of breaking Robert’s heart after all he’s done for her. She’s strong and loyal and pulled me in immediately and Brody won me over right away with his charm. I wasn’t a big Robert fan at first but warmed up to him pretty quickly in the first story and loved him by the end of the second. Mags has to decide what’s best for her and Bridget, but can she do it without hurting the people she loves? I received an ARC from Valentine PR in exchange for an honest review.

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