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Review: Pierce Her by Kelly Finley

She’s the hero. He plays one. That’s why falling in love could be the biggest—and best—mistake of her life…

Former Marine Charlie Ravenel devotes her life to protecting women. A job that’s left its mark on her—body and soul. When she’s not working, she’s safe hiding in the shadows. Alone. But when a young celebrity finds herself tormented by a dangerous stalker, Charlie vows to keep her safe.

One problem. She’ll just have to avoid her client’s sexy co-star—the alluring one who seems so intent on breaking down Charlie’s defenses…

No one really knows Daniel Pierce. They think they do. Millions want him. But no one knows what’s beneath his heroic veneer. He doesn’t let them. Until her.

Charlie, with her arousing smile and razor blade tongue, attracts him like no other. He’d do anything to ease her pain, to make her his. How can he lure her into giving him a chance?

If Charlie has any hope of overcoming the demons of her past in time to save the girl, she’ll have to trust her gut…and Daniel. But what if trust is a luxury she just can’t afford?

This one is fun because Charlie is a badass and she’s the protector here. She’s protecting a young starlet from a dangerous stalker when she meets movie star Daniel Pierce. There’s an instant attraction but his fuckboi reputation says getting involved with him is a bad idea. Besides, any kind of relationship between them would cost Charlie her job because it’s a distraction from her work, not to mention highly unprofessional.

Daniel doesn’t take no for an answer though and he wears down her defenses, one at a time until she gives in to him completely. He’s hiding a secret, the threats on set are becoming more threatening and someone may be gunning for Charlie herself. Things are complicated and she has a job to do. I loved these characters immediately because what’s not to like? Charlie is a southern bombshell with a smart mouth and the ass-kicking skills to back it up. Daniel’s charming and clearly head over heels for her. There’s a fun supporting cast too and I hope we get more Rob and Anders especially in the rest of the series.

Their story is suspenseful and hot, alternately steamy and nerve-wracking. The action is intense at times and even as one mystery’s solved, others seem to come to light. Charlie is exactly the kind of hero we need and Daniel’s her perfect match. I love these two and their story and just want more. I received an ARC from Grey’s Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

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