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Review: The Extra Myles by Melanie Munton

NOW HIRING… Fake boyfriend for 27-year-old desperate female. Must be able to deal with pretentious, New York City socialites. Attendance at family Christmas events required. Seasonal work only. Applicants not named Myles Colson need not apply.

The position has been filled. Granted, Myles is the only man in Blair McCauley’s life capable of looking her dragon mother in the eyes and not bursting into tears. Blair will need that steel whenever her mother helpfully reminds her over a glass of eggnog that a career is pointless when she could just marry rich. Thankfully, the barbecuing, beer swilling, football watching guy’s guy doesn’t even sort of fit in with her flashy New York lifestyle.

Which is exactly the point.

Although Myles is a lot more than a former jock with a pension for frosted mugs and Sweatpants Sundays. He also happens to be a gifted artist, and Blair is helping him carve out his space in the art world. Lucky for her, she’s the only one who gets to see the man behind the pottery wheel. Sans shirt.

But when Blair and Myles both come to the realization that they’ve just been pretending at pretending, they never see what’s coming for them next.

This is a short and sweet novella with humor and steam and I really enjoyed it. The humor and heat were just what I needed after a tearjerker so I had a lot of fun with this story. Blair is an art dealer who needs a fake boyfriend to stave off her mom’s attempts to fix her up with awful guys. Myles is the artist who has the hots for her so he’s happy to do her the favor and even happier to realize she’s not the uptight socialite her thought as the week goes on.

This is a fun HEA with loveable characters and a lot of heart. I received an ARC from Xpresso Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.

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