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Review: The Worst Best Friend by Nicole Snow

Nicole Snow new release The Worst Best Friend

It’s all sunshine and butterflies until your brother’s best friend dropkicks your heart.
I knew I had it coming with Weston McKnight.
The Adonis next door. The fever crush. The always protector.
The man who walked away after pulverizing my soul.

Seven years ago, he left our little town with a promise he couldn’t keep.
I waited. I worried. I suffered.
I stopped chasing dreams built on that boy’s mile-wide shoulders.
Then I found the pig—and sweet chaos found me.

I had to rescue that poor squealing baby before he was roadkill.
I didn’t know he belonged to Captain McGrumpy.
I never guessed I’d collide with a scowling, moody, scary-hot West again.
Same man. New secrets. Oh, but that all too familiar tension…

We’re stuck as frenemy neighbors for the next two months.
Facing a dilemma with bittersweet memories and flaming glances.
What’s the harm in seeking a little closure?
Can we even use words without risking an all out kissing war?
Am I in trouble with my worst best friend again?

Full-length romance thriller with a sticky sweet Happily Ever After forged from friends-to-lovers madness. Witness one broken man’s redemption quest to claim the girl he shouldn’t with so many small-town hijinks, countless dad jokes, and a little help from a bad-tempered pig.

West was Shel’s best friend growing up, even though his best friend was her older brother. He made her laugh when she was a kid struggling with the loss of her parents and he was her constant protector. West McKnight is all she ever wanted but he left for basic training one day and she never heard from him again. Her heart’s still broken seven years later when she returns home to help her grandma recover from surgery.

They’re different people now so it shouldn’t be so hard, but the old feelings haven’t faded. If anything, the attraction’s even stronger but so much has happened in the time they’ve been apart. Shel’s life is on the East Coast now, far from North Dakota. West has battled addiction and is struggling with PTSD after a violent tour in Afghanistan and he thinks she deserves better. He’s never felt worthy of her and only enlisted because he knew she’d never leave their small town if he stayed.

Their story is emotional and raw with West’s tragic past and the way he still struggles with the choices he made, but it’s also sweet and full of hope. Even with the heavy subject matter, this book will make you laugh. The banter between Shel and West is off the charts, full of heat and snark. Their chemistry is explosive so this is crazy steamy, like hot hot hot. There’s a great supporting cast but the star of the show is Hercules, the pig who not only forces them to face each other again but later plays a vital role in keeping them together.

The mystery part is great and there’s good suspense, but Shel and West are just epic together, so they were the real story for me. I received an ARC from Xpresso Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.

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