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Review: Petrified Wood by Allison O’Shea

Petrified Wood by Allison O’Shea
Layna Wood series book 1

Can Layna Wood predict the future?

If so, she imagines it’s going to be pretty similar to the present: Life as a hardworking office drone by day, and an aspiring country singer by night. She’s accepted she might never catch the big break she’s dreamed of, or ever ‘make it’ in Nashville’s competitive country music scene.

But when Layna returns home one day and interrupts an intruder ransacking her apartment, there’s suddenly more at stake than just her musical career – like her life.

Who was the intruder? What was he looking for? And – more importantly – will he be back?

Layna’s scared, but she’s not alone. She has her best friend by her side, and a distractingly attractive cop watching her back – but will it be enough?

Because if Layna’s got any hope of safeguarding her future, she’s going to have to look back into her past; and she might not like what she finds out.

Layna is living a normal, boring life until one day she comes home from work early to find a stranger has locked her out of her apartment. The intruder is gone by the time the police arrive but Layna bonds with one of the responding officers and begins to experience premonitions when they’re together.

There’s more than one mystery here because Layna doesn’t understand where this ability comes from, plus she keeps getting that creepy feeling that someone’s watching or following her. But who would be after her and why? There’s a lot of suspense and a few twists that I really enjoyed. The romance really takes a back seat to the mystery but I loved both characters and the way the relationship developed. Layna’s story was intriguing and I’m interested to see what’s next so I’ll be continuing the series. I received a free copy from the author via Voracious Readers Only in exchange for an honest review.

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