Coming Soon: Good Guys Don’t Lie by Micalea Smeltzer

New Release from Micalea Smeltzer Good Guys Don't Lie

I’ve been nothing but a failure to my parents my entire life. I know I’ll never live up to their level of perfection, but it doesn’t matter. Especially, when I’m about to fail the same class twice.

It seems like I’m doomed until my professor tells me he knows the perfect guy to tutor me—if he’ll agree.

Cree Madison is the star player on the hockey team, bound for NHL superstardom, and my last hope. I’m willing to do almost anything for his help.

When I meet up with him, his eyes light up and he says, “I’ve been looking for you.”
Only I don’t know him, and I’ve never met him before now.

I’m willing to pretend to be whoever he wants me to be if it means I pass this class.

But lies have a way of getting out of hand and neither one of us is prepared for the fallout when everything comes to light.  

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