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Review: Ace by Mckenna James

New Release from Mckenna James
Ace by Mckenna James
Vegas Kings book 3
Published October 28, 2021

Winning was all he ever cared about—until now.


Sidney drives me crazy.

As a professional poker player, I never want to lose, but when that woman beats me, it makes me want to punch something. She haunts my dreams. The kind of scorching hot dreams that end with me waking up in a sweat wishing she was right next to me.

My friends are joining me in the Bahamas for a poker tournament I’m gonna rule. I know she’ll be there, grinning as she flashes her cards, licking those red lips just to mess with my head.

But this time I refuse to let her win.


I’ve never been a member of Ace’s fan club.

The guy’s an annoying peacock, strutting around like he’s God’s gift to the world.
But when it’s clear a dirty player is trying to cheat us both out of the tournament, I have no choice but to enlist his help.

After a few drinks we agree to call a truce and join forces – for a limited time.

With all those distractions, we’re not prepared for the storm bearing down on our resort, or the passion rising between us…

This is a short steamy read packed with action and I loved every minute. The snarky banter between Ace and Sidney is awesome, just a ton of hilarious back and forth that’s so much fun. There’s also bad guys and a hurricane but it works. This book is fast paced but the story’s so well developed, it doesn’t feel rushed. I love Sidney and Ace and just want more. They could fight crime and further humanitarian efforts at poker tournaments around the world, I’d be totally into that — but my tastes may be eclectic.

There’s no way to go into detail without being a spoiler so I’ll just say that Ace debuted pretty high on my book boyfriend list because I’ve really got a soft spot for a guy with a smart, dirty mouth. This book is funny, sweet and sexy but still manages to give us mystery and suspense as well. It’s got everything you need in a good story and I’m so glad I picked this one up. One warning: this book reads just fine as a standalone but it’s a spoiler for the earlier books.

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