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Review: Puck Shy by Teagan Hunter

Teagan hunter new release Puck Shy
Puck Shy by Teagan Hunter
Carolina Comets book 1

I’m having the definition of a bad year.

Game Six loss costing my team the Cup? Check.
Getting arrested and ruining my image? Check.
Almost getting run over after my car breaks down? Oh, look—a hat trick.

My contract is up with the Carolina Comets this year, and I need to get it together if I want to stay with the team.

I need relaxation, not a relationship.

But when I’m scrolling on a dating app and stumble across the pretty girl who almost ran me over, I know I can’t let her walk away this time.

Harper is funny, smart, and doesn’t care about hockey.

I’m not supposed to be focusing on anything other than my career, yet I can’t get Harper off my mind.

I know I shouldn’t fall for her…but I think I already have.

PUCK SHY is a standalone hockey romantic comedy. It’s good, low angst fun with some hot hockey players.

Collin Wright has lots of bad luck lately, but he’d never have guessed that almost getting run over would be one of the best things to ever happen to him. Harper almost kind of kills him, accidentally of course, but then she saves him so it’s all good. Except that they don’t exchange contact information and they both regret it immediately. Luckily fate has other ideas and brings them back together, but Collin screws that up, continuing his streak of catastrophic failures.

Good thing for her Harper gives him another chance because Collin is just, wow in every way. Sure he’s an NHL superstar but it doesn’t define him. He’s also the guy who wants a dog but can’t have one with his crazy schedule so he volunteers at the local animal shelter. He’s the guy who’s low key shocked to realize he loves this woman but he embraces it with minimal hesitation and bares his soul only to have his heart broken.

Collin is the perfect blend of sweet and dirty to be super hot. Harper is weird and completely loveable. I loved these characters and the supporting cast, especially Ryan and I can’t wait for her book. This is a quick read but it’s hilarious, sweet and fun so I’m looking forward to more in this series.

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