Review: Memento Mori by Rayvn Salvador

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Memento Mori by Rayvn Salvador
Haunted New Orleans book 1
Available October 26th

Remember, you must die.

Spurred on by her mother’s need for the family’s fifteen minutes of fame, jaded skeptic Hanlen Arbor returns to her hometown, the root of her past terror, only to be thrust into a new nightmare. Someone is murdering the good people of the city in a macabre scene of blood and ritual.

When Hanlen gets pulled into the mystery, she’s not prepared for what she finds or the dangers that await her in the bayou. And she’s certainly not ready for the handsome-as-sin man whom she’s forced to put her faith in.

Ghost hunter and Vodou Houngan Deveraux Glapion has seen a lot and dealt with more as the descendant of one of the most well-known people of New Orleans. When the intriguing and somewhat-broken caretaker of his TV show’s latest location comes to town, he’s thrown for a loop, the likes of which he’s never experienced before.

And that’s just the beginning. Because evil is afoot in New Orleans, and he may be the only one who can stop it—but only if he can get Hanlen to trust him and believe in things that most people think are merely ghost stories.

Paranormal romance isn’t usually my favorite so I was expecting a good story but nothing to rave about, until I started reading. Now I stand corrected. This story is riveting. Hanlon doesn’t believe in the supernatural and she has a very specific, intensely personal reason for that position. But when she meets Dev, she can’t deny the unexplainable things that start happening around her. There’s definitely more to the world than just the physical that we can explain, but is she open to it?

The chemistry between Dev and Hanlon is hot and they have an obvious connection that transcends the physical, even if they can’t explain it. Between the tension, romance and paranormal, there’s the suspense of hunting a killer and I hung on every word. This is a great read and an excellent start to a new series. I love this story and can’t wait for more. I received an ARC from Grey’s Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

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