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Review: Break by Grahame Claire

New Release from Graham Claire Break
Break by Grahame Claire
Bend & Break duet book 2
Available October 26th

What seems like a lifetime ago, I let her go.
The second she returned, I couldn’t stay away.
Now she’s asked the unthinkable.
If I say yes, I can protect her.
If I say no, she ends up with someone else forever. Or so much worse . . .
The first time I let her go it nearly buried me.
If I do it again it could break us both . . .

The conclusion of Beau and Cal’s story was worth the wait. The sometimes-lovers are in deep, Beau because of her twisted family and Cal by association. There was such a love-hate relationship in Bend, mostly on Beau’s end because Cal is resigned that he missed his chance with her, but things are different now. She begs him to help and he agrees, but his motives aren’t completely altruistic. Cal didn’t choose to walk away from her the first time and he has no intention of ever letting her go again. So much time has passed since he broke her heart, but Beau is finally beginning to suspect that things aren’t as black and white as she’s thought all these years. I wasn’t sure how happily the HEA would be here but I loved the way this book ended. I received an ARC from Social Butterfly PR in exchange for an honest review.

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