Review: Unrivaled by Jerica MacMillan

Tiffany and Gray spent one amazing night together but extenuating circumstances kept them from finding each other again. Until now. In the meantime, Tiffany had a surprise pregnancy but was unable to contact him so he’s missed years with his son. I love how these two are drawn together even after everything that’s happened. Tiffany’s character is so raw and real, I really liked her right away. I was hot and cold on Gray at first but ultimately fell for him completely. He’s sweet, sexy and such a good dad, that’s an irresistible combo.

This book was a nice surprise in more ways than one because it was adorable and the angst was minimal. Plus, Ben was a great character and that’s huge, because so many writers just fail miserably at writing children in adult books. Gray and Tiffany’s story is a great read and one I’ll probably read again. I received an ARC from Grey’s Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

New Release from Jerica MacMillan Unrivaled
Unrivaled by Jerica MacMillan
Available October 14th

Secret baby meets enemies to lovers in this sizzling sports romance.

I never planned on seeing Grayson Kilpatrick again.

For a few reasons:
1. I didn’t have a way to get in touch with him
2. He’d been recruited to play football for Ohio
3. He pretended he didn’t know me when I tried to tell him I was pregnant

I have built my life around a new set of goals that I determined as soon as I had my son. My parents help out while I go to school. I have a plan. And I’m moving forward.

Until Grayson Kilpatrick makes a reappearance and upends all my plans. Again.

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