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Review: Coded by Rachel Radner

Maddie and Ashton’s story is short but sweet. They become friends and they both want much more but he’s been hurt and his ex reappears so things are complicated. I felt bad for Ashton with his horrible boss and shallow, dismissive girlfriend. Vanessa did him a favor when she broke up with him so it was frustrating that he couldn’t see their relationship for what it was and actually missed her. It took some time for him to realize what he had with Maddie, but once he did, nothing else mattered. Maddie adores him and appreciates him and they’re great together so this is a HEA that made me smile. I received an ARC from Grey’s Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

New Release from Rachel Radner Coded
Coded by Rachel Radner
Available October 14th

Ashton’s a wreck of the man I knew a few months ago, a soul missing his greatest piece. I’m caught in the crossfire, a woman desiring an unattainable man. A man who’s still pining after his ex and probably always will be.

Every so often, I catch him looking at me a certain way. A way that tells me he might want something more. But there’s too much heartache there, and I’d be a fool to let someone in who I already know will burn me.

Maddie’s the wildcard in my code. The woman who might break every boundary I’ve set. She’s beautiful, kind, and the gentlest soul I’ve ever encountered. But I can’t get involved with anyone again — that was the promise I made to myself when my ex broke my heart.

Problem is, at the rate Maddie and I are going, she’s about to bypass every command I’ve ever written. I just can’t let her succeed.

Rachel Radner’s Coded is a heartfelt, friends to lovers, contemporary romance written in K. Bromberg’s Everyday Heroes Worlds.

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