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Review: Say Yes To The Boss by Olivia Hayle

I was expecting the usual fall-in-love-with-my-miserable-boss story, but this was so much more. Cecelia and Victor are both very interesting characters with real depth so I couldn’t wait to see what happened next. The marriage as a business relationship was a fresh take since she wasn’t marrying him because she was desperately poor or to get her own inheritance. Cecelia wanted seed money and a mentor for her business, so this was a great opportunity.

Victor was too much of a workaholic to have real friends or to have any kind of life outside of the office but spending time with Cecelia made him want more. She couldn’t believe it when she became attracted to this man she used to loathe, but she didn’t fight it. There were some curveballs, but they handle it well, so this isn’t one of those stories where a silly miscommunication or assumption leads to a six-month break-up before they find their way back to each other. This is my first book from Olivia Hayle but definitely won’t be the last.

This is funny, steamy and sweet with a great HEA. I loved everything about Cecelia and Victor’s story and will probably read it again.

My billionaire boss is the absolute last person I’d marry.
Until a deal with the devil forces me down the aisle… ready to say yes to the boss.

I once compared Victor St. Clair to Satan, but that’s unkind.
Even the devil treats his demons better than St. Clair treats me.
I know his schedule by heart. He can’t remember my first name.

So when he calls me into his office, I’m expecting another rant.
Instead he says he needs to get married to inherit the St. Clair fortune.
Oh, and the kicker? He wants to marry me. His assistant.

A one-year marriage of convenience to the boss I hate.

It means living with Victor’s dark stares and silences for a full year.
But it’s also a chance to quit my job and start my own business.
He’s a jerk, but he’s also a respected businessman. How hard can it be?

Answer: very. Because there’s more to Victor than I thought.
Things beyond learning his lunch orders and sending company memos.
And while the man is cold, his kisses are hot enough to consume us both.

He drove me crazy at work. Now he drives me crazy in bed.
But craziest of all is… I might get used to being Mrs. St. Clair.

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