Review: Love & Sins by JA Owenby

For once, I got the timing right and I’m reading a prequel before a series. This book blew me away with the raw emotion and realism. The characters are likable and real, thrown into circumstances that could happen to any of us (for the most part). They’re young and struggling with their place in the world in so many ways as everyone does at that age so they give you all the feels. This is a lovely story about friendship and hope in the face of trials and loss. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series.

I received an ARC from Social Butterfly PR in exchange for an honest review.

Love & Sins on Amazon

Love & Sins
by JA Owenby
Prequel to the Love & Ruin series
Available October 8, 2021

New Release from JA Owenby
Love & Sins by JA Owenby Prequel to the Love & Ruins series

Can’t a guy catch a break?
I’m focused on my band and college.
We’re finally gaining a following, and we’re determined to make it
in this industry.
But my past refuses to let me go.
One wrong decision.
One devastating event shattered my soul.
Now, I’m struggling to pick up the pieces and questioning if I’ll be able to move forward.
All while I’m trying to keep my best friends safe from my enemy and my alcoholic father off my back.
With every step forward, my past haunts me.
All I want is redemption and a new start.
But I might be ruined beyond repair.
My hope is dwindling.
Until I see her …
Love & Sins is the prequel to the Love & Ruin series and is told in Hendrix’s POV. It takes place a year before and leads up to when he meets and falls for Gemma. This full-length standalone also includes a three-chapter sneak peek of Love & Ruin.
♥The remainder of the series is available in Kindle Unlimited.

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