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Review: Athena’s Piano by Allen Johnson

Allen Johnson gives us romance, suspense, and the unexplained, and he does it masterfully, not so much with words on a page but rather painting the scenes in our minds. The descriptions are so rich and detailed, reading this story was like watching a movie in my head. Tony and Athena are living in different centuries, but they’re brought together by an inexplicable force.  

Johnson weaves a story of vivid scenes and rich history, interspersed with musical and literary references to bring their story to life. It’s a beautiful tale of love and magic that will keep you guessing until the very end. 

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Athena’s Piano
by Allen Johnson
Published September 21, 2021

Athena’s Piano by Allen Johnson
Athena’s Piano by Allen Johnson


Combat veteran, surgeon, and musician, Tony Marco has everything except a soulmate to share his life. When he’s bewitched by the piano formerly owned by Athena Cruz, an extraordinary jazz musician from the 1920s, he finds himself transported back to her world.

Athena is a stunning, talented woman who’s in mortal danger. Falling hard for her, Tony sets out to free her from the possessive and evil jazz club owner who covets her. He’ll stop at nothing to destroy those who oppose him, especially Tony, who has captured Athena’s heart.

If Tony and Athena are able to escape her maniacal boss, they might find the future holds more for them than they can imagine.

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