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Review: Veritas by A.L. Woods

Maria was not a likeable character for at least the first third of the story, maybe longer. Although I ultimately liked her, it took a lot of change from her and even then, he’s not my favorite. I’m still disturbed by the way she treats Dougie at the end. She has a sad story that explains the way she’s walled herself off from the world. It does not, however, excuse her bad behavior and there’s a lot of it. She uses her lovers without any concern for them as people with feelings and she’s rude to service workers and can only be described as completely self-absorbed.

Eventually she confronts her demons and works to become a better person but seemingly only with Jordan. She’s still freezing out the rest of the world at any cost, no matter how cruel. Jordan is the complete opposite: confident and sensitive, he has no illusions about what he wants, fears and expects from life or from love. He wants Maria and he’s not going to let anything stand in his way, not even her. They’re very much alike in their professional lives yet worlds apart in their personal lives. It almost seems like a lost cause to think they’d get together but he won’t give up and she can’t stay away from him.

Their story is gripping and well-crafted in many ways, but it dragged in others. There’s a lot of description and the focus on Maria’s insecurities became repetitive. That may be more personal preference than critique but I would have enjoyed seeing those words used to give an epilogue or flesh out some of the relationships more fully. Ultimately this is the story of an intelligent, determined woman in arrested development and the commanding hottie who helps her heal enough to finally live. Add in a swoon-worthy alpha and a lot of steam to get Veritas.

I received an ARC from Grey’s Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

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by AL Woods
Available October 6, 2021

New Release from AL Woods Veritas
Veritas by AL Woods Available October 6th

It was supposed to be a fling.
A one-night stand.
Then Jordan Kovacs asked for more.
A date. I don’t date.
While he showered, I left.
The end.
Or so I thought. I have a problem.
My ex-friend with benefits is getting married.
And I can’t get out of going—long story.
I need an arrangement I can understand from a man who only had me for a night.
But Jordan has other plans for me.
Things that will tip the scales in his favor.

A tryst was what she was looking for.
A date was what I wanted.
A chance.
I understand Maria Tavares.
She’s a beautiful lie.
Now she needs something from me: a favor.
So I’ll function in a way she can understand: an arrangement.
Three months.
All in. Strings attached. No interferences. Titles exchanged.
The plan is simple, with only one rule—veritas.
Let’s see if Maria’s ex-friend with benefits understands that, too.

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