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Review: Atlas Memorial by Krista Harper

Stella has wanted to leave her small hometown for the city for years, but a college scholarship and a bad dorm experience had her living at home until she has her degree. She’s just passed her nursing boards and landed her dream job at a big city hospital and can’t wait. Her own apartment and exciting new job will finally make her feel like an adult and she couldn’t be happier.

Until she gets to work, then everything goes downhill. Her preceptor is a terrible teacher, she’s bullied by other nurses and there’s a specific medical intern who has set out to make her life hell on earth. At least she can distract herself with two very fine male specimens who’ve just come into her life. Except she can’t because hottie doctor Ryan has some sort of codependent relationship with one of her bullies and sexy neighbor Travis doesn’t believe in monogamy.

Stella is awesome and so funny. I kept picturing Dr. Elliot Reed from the first season of Scrubs, losing her stuff in a janitor’s closet or having a breakdown in the cafeteria. No matter how humiliated she might feel, Stella always holds her head up high and stands up for herself. I waffled from team Ryan to team Travis but was relieved that she ultimately ended up with the right guy, because the other one just wasn’t good enough for her. This is a lighthearted romantic comedy that’s definitely worth a read.

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Atlas Memorial
by Krista Harper
Available September 29, 2021

Atlas Memorial by Krista Harper
Atlas Memorial by Krista Harper

Recent college graduate Stella Reynolds has sworn off men in order to focus on passing her nurse residency, but when she gets caught up in a steamy love triangle between a gorgeous new physician and the playful paramedic next door, her ability to concentrate takes a backseat to love and lust.

Will she miss out on a chance at romance and risk losing her nursing career before it even begins? Or will she pick the best suitor while also mastering her nursing skills in a high stress unit? It’s just another day of love, lust and saving lives at Atlas Memorial.

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