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Review: Stealing Home by Tara Wyatt

Maggie and Dylan were young when they fell hard and believed they’d be together forever. He was heading off to college on a baseball scholarship but long distance would work. They had it all planned out, but he broke things off and broke her heart just hours before leaving. Ten years later, they’re thrown together again and despite his success, Dylan has nothing but regret. He’s missed Maggie every single day and wishes he could go back in time to make a different choice.

This is a second chance at the life they almost had but they have to confront the issues from their past if this is going to work. Dylan and Maggie are both great characters and so sympathetic. They were just kids and his evil father manipulated them, changing the course of their lives. Maggie wants to give Dylan another chance but she can’t bear the thought of him breaking her heart again. He wants to prove she’s the only thing that truly matters to him, but he’s afraid to come clean about the past so it’s always hanging over the couple, threatening to break them apart for the second time.

Their story is sweet but sexy and I loved the supporting cast as well as the baseball subplots. It’s low-angst and fun and I just want more.

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Stealing Home
By Tara Wyatt
Dallas Longhorns book 1
Published 2019

Stealing Home by Tara Wyatt
Stealing Home by Tara Wyatt
Dallas Longhorns book 1

Maggie Jennings didn’t think she’d ever see Dylan McCormick again. When she was eighteen, he took everything she had to give—her heart, her love, and her virginity—and then broke her heart when he left for college. But now he’s back in her life, playing for the Dallas Longhorns, where Maggie works as the team’s media director. Watching him on the field is the most exquisite torture—he’s a muscled, talented athlete who looks amazing in a pair of baseball pants. Seeing him again makes her want all kinds of things she shouldn’t.

Dylan McCormick has it all. A pro baseball career, millions of dollars, and a life most only dream of. But everyone has regrets, including Dylan—and his is Maggie. One look at her, and he knows that he’ll do anything to get her back. He wants her. He needs her. He’s determined to atone for the past while showing her the man he’s become because he knows there’s no one else for him. But the past has a way of refusing to stay buried, and when secrets surface, their sizzling chemistry may not be enough to keep them together…

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