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Review: You’re So Vain by Whitney Dineen

This is a cute story, a modern fairy tale where the everyday woman lives HEA with a real prince. It’s cute, sweet and a quick read. Lu and Alistair were cute together when she was being nice, but he was completely understanding and so patient with her. Their moms interfered a lot and the depth of that meddling frankly scared me, they were so smothering and overbearing, especially Sheila (Lu’s mother). Luckily, Alistair and Lu know how their moms are and were able to handle those ladies so the meddling didn’t make a mess of things. This book has goofy country music stars, silly royalty and orphans pining for families of their own, what more could you want?

I received an ARC from Xpresso Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.

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You’re So Vain
by Whitney Dineen
Seven Brides For Seven Mothers book 4

Available September 12, 2021

New Release from Whitney Dineen: You’re So Vain

Family drama is something Lutéce Choate struggles to avoid. With a mother who’s an award-winning country western song writer, an aunt who’s a Country Music Hall of Famer, and a brother who’s a rock star, it hasn’t exactly been a low-key kind of life, and she’s ready for a break.

Then Lu’s younger sister, Claire, goes off and gets engaged to a prince from Malquar, bringing the dreaded spotlight back to shine on their family once again. Lu wants to go to the engagement party about as much as she wants to yodel the Star Spangled Banner at the Grand Ole Opry with her crazy relatives. Alas, not going, doesn’t appear to be an option.

Alistair George Henry Bere Hale is not the heir, but the spare. Without the weight of the Crown in his future, he’s managed to live the carefree life of a man about town. That is until his younger brother gets engaged before him and their mother starts pressuring him to settle down. Alistair represents everything that Lutéce has come to despise—he’s a rich, playboy, partier, who’s always in the spotlight… But Alistair doesn’t feel the same about Lu. In fact, he’s quite drawn to his brother’s future sister-in-law, prickles and all.

When Lu and Alistair’s mothers witness the sparks between their children, they start to make plans of their own. Will Lu relax her prejudices long enough to get to know Alistair?

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